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The Chef, his Wife and their PERTH – fect life…

This is not a blog about a perfect life – you read that wrong!! Chefs work long, crappy, unsociable hours. When I meet someone new and they find out I’m married to a chef they say “lucky you”!! I have to try REALLY hard not to roll my eyes and laugh in their face (sorry!). Being married to a chef involves not really seeing them. It also involves them NOT cooking for you when they actually are home. But when we do have some time together we like to eat out. Chef and I both share a big love for food. We also share a big love for our home city. PERTH, Western Australia! Thursdays are our weekend, where we always try somewhere new and when we have found a gem – we love to share the news – hence the blog.

Ok, so I (“The Wife”) am the main contributor to this blog… Chef is a busy, busy man. Expect food recommendations from places in our beautiful Perth City and surrounds. I often find that when I get a recommendation to a restaurant or café they turn out to be not that great.  It’s hard to know what another person’s standards are. Some people are wow-ed by a giant plate full of food for $20. Over the years I think being married to a chef has raised the bar for me. I’m more of a “quality over quantity” kind of gal. Chef has worked in many a fine establishment, including  a Michelin starred restaurant in Europe.  Many of these recommendations will be child-friendly places, as we often have our “little chef” in tow… There also may be the odd cheffy tit bit or two.

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