Pattaya Cup – Thailand


Chef competed as part of the Australian Culinary Team, in Pattaya, Thailand. This international culinary competition had teams from all around Asia and Europe vying for the Pattaya Cup.

The competition involved the team of five, preparing an edible buffet for 20 people, in four hours. There had to be eight dishes involved, including salad, tapas, soup, mains, cake etc. Halfway through the competition (about two hours in), a mystery ingredient was thrown into the mix and the chefs quickly had to come up with something to make 10 portions of, with the beef strip loin.

Aus Team buffet
Aus Team buffet
Appetiser - Kokoda of Seabass
Aust Team ; Appetiser – Kokoda of Seabass
Sunrasia Gateaux (Chocolate, pineapple and orange flavours)
Sunrasia Gateaux (Chocolate, pineapple and orange flavours)

As well as the competition itself and all the preparation and planning involved, the team did have a small chance to have a look around the expo too and see what other chefs around the world are creating.  As well as some amazing cooked food, there were also some impressive fruit and vegetable carvings. Chef saw some amazing calved watermelons – the lady who carved the intricate design said it only took her 40 minutes to complete – unbelievable!



And some pics of other interesting food spotted at the expo…





The team also enjoyed some traditional Thai Cuisine while they were there too.


Unfortunately, the Australian team didn’t come away with the cup – they were runners up for the 3rd year in a row. Hong Kong won the Pattaya Cup by ONE point! Australia scored a very high mark and also came away with a gold medal, which was a fantastic result.

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